What I'm Doing NOW...

POETRY EVENT. I'm participating in Magaly Guerrero's "Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month," which will run through April. Check my blog regularly for my interpretation of the prompts, which come every few days. 

THE ARTIST'S WAY.  Remember this great book from the '90s? Everyone was doing it, loving it, and creating because of it! Luckily, fabulous writer and life coach Nancy Colasurdo decided to put together a group exploration of the weekly chapters this spring, which I immediately signed up for. We're almost halfway through, and I'm already wondering what I'm going to do with my Thursday nights when it's all over. Just doing the morning pages alone has brought so much into my life already. Pull out this old chestnut from your book shelf. You'll be inspired. I guarantee it.

I'M NOW ON CHECKS! Thanks to the great folks at Check Advantage, my images are now on checks, checkbook covers and address labels! When you click on an image, be aware that that one image opens up to a whole collection. See all the fun HERE.

WEB SITE. Yes, I'm in the process of building an entirely new web site. Whew!

MY NEW AMAZON SHOP.  Amazon recently launched its handmade division, and I've been setting up shop there in recent weeks. In the new year, I'll hopefully be selling my original paintings via this portal, but right now, I'm just testing things out by listing boxes and wood block prints. The operative word in my life lately is...TEDIOUS. You can take a peek HERE.

MY SWEET CAT, OLIVE.  On Oct. 23, Olive was injected with four medicines -- Convenia (a long-acting antibiotic), DepoMedrol (a long-acting prednisone shot), plus two vaccines, for both rabies and distemper. Well, as a result, the poor baby nearly died. She recovered physically, but since I last updated her ordeal on this "NOW" page, she went into a type of PTSD after a visit from a vet tech to my home one day. It's been a herculean effort to tame her anxiety and get my old Olive back. Sadly, I don't know that this will ever happen, but she's doing much better, thanks to my vet and my working with a great cat behaviorist, Mieshelle Nagelschneider. Read more HERE.

NEW NEWSLETTER! As soon as I have the online link for it, I'll post it here!