• The Cruellest Month

    I'm participating in an online poetry event, called "Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month," headed by . Today's (okay, yesterday's) prompt, "Has It Begun to Sprout?", asked us to pick a line from T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land and write our own poem around it.

    I decided to do a color sketch in my notebook to interpret "April is the cruellest month," then ran out of time to add any verbiage to it. I have to say, I'm really feeling the line, as my winter was particularly rough, and these bright April days don't seem to match the weariness I'm feeling. The sun makes me feel like I should be out playing, not brooding. Hopefully, the Vitamin D will soon brighten my mood, but not before this event is over, as we're supposed to write about "the dark bits that grow in the heart," according to Magaly. I love it!

    Indeed, Magaly's poem event seems to have come in the nick of time.

    So this piece is simply titled "The Cruellest Month." Magaly's prompts are coming fast and furious, so I don't know that I'll be able to keep up, but I'm going to try!

  • Sweet Darla Finds Her Forever Home!

    During the ten weeks I cared for my sweet blind foster kitten, Darla, I was worried sick as to how she would fare in a home other than mine.

    When she first arrived at three months old, the little monkey had been in hospital cages her whole life, so not once had she walked free in an open space. When she was first let out of her carrier, HCAL president Kathleen and I literally crawled on the floor with her to show her the short route from her food bowl in the kitchen to the litter box in the bathroom. And as she was blind, she had to learn how to jump on and off furniture, and how to mentally map the layout of my apartment.

    I could help her with certain things, just using my common sense, but for the most part she was on her own, and I was soon astounded at how quickly she adapted and became a normal kitten, just playing, snuggling and getting in trouble at every turn.

    But all along, I would worry endlessly as to how Darla would adapt to a new home.

    Well, I needn't have, as she's doing splendidly with her new family, and she hasn't even been there a week yet!  Early reports are wonderful...that she's exploring her new space with confidence, and is "endlessly curious" about her three new feline sisters! As this photo attests, Darla is having a grand old time, which means that this story has a very happy ending indeed.

    As I posted Darla's story everywhere as her surgeries progressed, I hope she helped change a few minds as to how well a blind cat can do in a loving home. The "special needs" of a blind kitty are nothing more than some noisy toys.

    I'm going to miss my little monkey, but knowing that she's sleeping safe and sound with such a loving family truly puts my fears to rest. Thanks to you all for your loving support. (If comments aren't activated below, click headline.)


     Darla, right, seems quite relaxed with her new sister, Drusy.